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The Advantages of Buying a Used Car

Used CarsWhen you decide to purchase a vehicle, the first decision you will face is whether to buy a new or used car.  While your budget, personal preferences and overall needs have a large influence on your final decision, it’s important to note there are many advantages to purchasing a used car.

Used Cars Cost Less

The benefits of buying a used car often outweigh the benefits of buying new, especially if you are working with a limited budget.  Used cars are far less expensive than their new counterparts, coming in at less than half the cost of a new vehicle.  Today, the average cost of a new car is over $20,000.  Used cars come with a variety of price tags; however, the average cost of a used car is less than $10,000. Continue reading

Jaguar Used Car Guide

2013 Jaguar XFJaguar is a brand of luxury car produced by the British company Jaguar Land Rover, which is based in Whitley Coventry, England. The Jaguar and Land Rover brands were originally owned by the Ford Motor Company, but were purchased by the Indian-based company Tata Motors in 2008. The Jaguar brand began as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, producing motorcycle sidecars. In the years following World War II, they changed their name to Jaguar and started producing automobiles. Jaguar Land Rover continues to grow, with global sales of 357,773 vehicles between the two brands in 2012. The Jaguar brand alone saw a sales increase of 42 percent in 2013, selling 76,668 vehicles.

Most Popular Jaguar Used Cars

Currently, the most popular Jaguar-brand models include:

  • XF
  • XJ
  • F-Type

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Infiniti Used Car Guide

Infiniti Q50Infiniti, founded in 1989, is a luxury division of the automaker Nissan. It is a worldwide brand, sold in 15 different countries. In 2012, Infiniti sold 173,000 vehicles, an increase from 2011 sales. Although Nissan is a Japanese company, in 2012 the Infiniti division moved its headquarters to Central Hong Kong in China to gain a better perspective on the luxury car market. In 2013, the brand also rolled out a new naming system for their vehicles, effective for the 2014 models. The letter “Q” now precedes each car model and the letters, “QX” now precede each SUV model.

Most Popular Infiniti Used Cars

The top-selling Infiniti models include:

  • Infiniti Q50- formerly the G Series
  • Infiniti QX60- formerly the JX
  • Infiniti QX80- formerly the QX

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Hyundai Used Car Guide

2014 Hyundai Santa FeThe Hyundai Motor Company was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 1967. Today, along with its subsidiary, Kia Motors, the two companies make up the Hyundai Motor Group, selling vehicles in 193 countries around the world. Hyundai’s 2012 sales gave the company the distinction of being the 5th largest automaker in the world. They sold a total of 7.2 million vehicles, including Kia, and 4.4 million Hyundai-brand vehicles worldwide.

Most Popular Hyundai Used Cars

The most popular Hyundai vehicle models include:

  • Elantra
  • Santa Fe
  • Sonata
  • Accent

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Hummer Used Car Guide

Hummer H3The Hummer SUV was based on the M998 Humvee, produced by AM General for the military during Operation Desert Storm. As photos of the Humvee began circulating, interest grew, leading to the production of a civilian model in 1992. In 1998 General Motors took over production of the Hummer. Sales held strong until the 2008 recession, when consumers were forced to consider fuel efficiency over style. An example of declining sales includes the H2 model, which sold over 34,000 vehicles at its height in 2003, and a mere 600 vehicles by 2009. Ultimately, increasing gas prices and plummeting sales led to the shutdown of the Hummer brand.

Most Popular Hummer Used Cars

The last Hummer vehicle came off the production line in April 2010. However, during its hay day, the most popular Hummer models included:

  • Hummer H1
  • Hummer H2
  • Hummer H3

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Honda Used Car Guide

Honda AccordHonda is a Japanese motorcycle and manufacturer, founded in 1948. With its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Honda is the second largest vehicle manufacturer in Japan, and one of the 8th largest automakers in the world. They are also the world’s largest producer of motorcycles since 1959. Additionally, Honda owns and produces the luxury vehicle brand, Acura. In 2013, Honda sold approximately 3.4 million vehicles, with 14,490 units sold in North America alone.

Most Popular Honda Used Cars

2013 brought about a global sales increase of 37.3 percent for Honda, compared to 2012 sales, making 2013 one of the 2nd best sales years for the brand. Top selling models included:

  • Accord
  • Civic
  • CR-V
  • Odyssey

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