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This site is here to help you get a quick idea of your car’s listing price. You know if your car is great, average, or poor shape. So with a quick glance at the value chart above, you have a solid idea of where to begin your car negotiations.

The regional breakdown can be a big help if you’re looking to buy a car. A couple examples, older cars usually sell for a lot less in the colder regions because winter conditions take their toll on the body of the car and four wheel drive trucks are often a lot cheaper in the southern midwest region due to the shear number of trucks available on the market there. If you’re willing to purchase car on a site like eBay, or purchase from a place like CarMax, you can use the regional insights from this site to find the best deals.

And you get unrestricted access to our FREE and impartial used car value guide without the hassle of sign-ups or sign-ins. All the information on this site is available to you without a catch.

What is My Used Car Value? is a free online guide that shows you the average listing price of used cars on the private market.

We collect classified listings from across the United States, sort the listings by region, and then calculate the average listing price. We display the average listing price as the average value of that used car. We also do some fancy math to calculate the average high and average low value of the car.

Collection of used car classified ads continues on a daily basis, and our used car value guides are updated about every 4 days.